Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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A Tragic Princess of the Song Dynasty Duo Fu and Her Counterfeit Fa Jing

Duo Fu (1112 -- 1142), daughter of the artsy Emperor Zhao Ji, was a real princess of the wealthy Song Dynasty


She spent her childhood happily and elegantly in a fantastic palace; she was supposed to marry a noble and talented man and spend their rich life together.  


A Noble Princess in Capture and Humiliation 

Unfortunately, the nomadic Kingdom Jin invaded Song Empire. 


The Song's capital city was slaughtered and occupied; the princess and her entire royal clan, and large numbers of people were captured northward to Jin.


Duo Fu was the oldest (17 years old) unmarried princess, so she was offered to the King of Jin.


But the king didn’t like her much, so she was sent to do laundry for years, after being humiliated for several times.


Then she was enslaved by another powerful royal family member of the nomadic regime, who got tired of her, and soon forced her to marry to an officer who was also captured during that war. 


Duo Fu and her husband lived a poverty life since after, and died when she was 31 years old.


Her body was soon sent back to Empire Song in the southern China together with some other royal family members, after her brother Emperor Zhao Gou’s government killed General Yue Fei and signed a treaty with the nomadic regime. 


Counterfeit of Princess Duofu - A Con Pretend to Be Royal

When the real princess was suffering as a captive in the northern China, another con woman stole Duo Fu’s identity and started living a luxurious life as a noble princess.


The con woman named Fa Jing. when she met Duo Fu’s former maid during chaos after that war, the maid said that Fa Jing looked like the former princess, and told her many stories of the royal family. 


Fa Jing found a good opportunity to claim that she was the real princess; she told people that she had just escaped from the nomadic regime.


She was smart, talkative, and educated, which made her seem quite convincing. 


In addition, the new emperor Zhao Gou and the real princess Duo Fu had different birth mothers, so they were not very close and were raised up in separate palaces.


Therefore, it was quite difficult to tell that she was an imposter, and nearly everyone believed that she was the real princess Duo Fu. 


Then Fa Jing was given an honorable title and large numbers of treasures, soon she married to a talented noble man.


There were some other people that had tried to pretend to be other royal members who had been captured and then escaped, but none of them succeeded as she had. 


Debunking by the Empress Dowager 

The fake princess was, however, revealed when the emperor Zhao Gou’s mother came back from the nomadic regime and told the emperor that the Princess Duo Fu had already passed away.

The fraudulent, fake princess and her poor husband were executed later, along with those people who had helped prove her to be the real princess.


Then, finally, the ridiculous drama ended.