Huang Shan Mountain — Magnificent Cultural Landscape 

Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) used to do alchemy around 4500 years ago in a magnificent mountain, where he and two other people conquered many difficulties, became immortals, and flew up to heaven.


This spectacular cultural landscape was then named as the Huang Shan Mountain. Three main peaks of the mountain were named after King Huang and these two deities.

It is said that after Emperor Li Longji commanded his beloved concubine Yang Yuhuan to suicide, her soul flew to a magical palace in Huang Shan Mountain; after Li departed in a few years later, their souls were finally reunited there.  

Huang Shan Mountain has many other named peaks, three magnificent waterfalls, many special pine trees and stones, the spectacular sea of clouds, many rivulets, and thermal springs.


Each view has an interesting myth or legend from Chinese mythology or is in relation to some famous historical figures. 


Specially shaped stones have their fun stories in regard to talent poets, tragic love, or loyalty.


There are many historical buildings, calligraphy pieces, paintings, poems, and articles, describing those amazing sceneries. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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