Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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Huizhou -- The Ancient City of Chinese Brush Painting

It was said that long time ago, a Phenix was attracted by some beautiful sceneries around a river, so she landed and appreciated the view here.

Many people then moved along the river, to the place that the mythical bird used to stay. 


Gradually, it developed into a big city. In historical documents, Huizhou was built in the year 221 B.C., and was rebuilt for several times throughout the history of China. 


The current Huizhou city perfectly combined historical architectures with newly built ones. 


Buildings there look like Chinese Ink Painting, in which is full of the white walls and dark roofs, spotted with some bright colors as decorations. 


Special decorated archways that were used to memorize or reward achievements or good behaviors are worth noting, as an important symbol of the local culture.