The Humble Administrator Garden — Southern Style

In the early 16th century, an official lost in political combat and got banished out of the central government.


He then came back to his hometown, together with his artist friend, who designed this beautiful and exquisite garden.


He considered himself a failed official, so he named his masterpiece as the Humble Administrator's Garden. 


Unfortunately, after he departed, his son lost this garden to someone else in gambling.


Since then, many rich and powerful families moved in and expanded or refined the garden, and left there when they lost money or power.


Throughout the history of China, the garden had experienced many owners and witnessed many families’ prosperity and decline.


This garden is about 52,000 square meters large, a place in China that perfectly presented the southern style architectures.


The garden is not big, but sceneries and buildings inside are very sophisticated and refined.


It has ponds, various flowers, plants, artistic rockeries, with many well-arranged different types of bridges and buildings. 


Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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