Mountain Resort Chengde — Summer Resort of Royals

The Mountain Resort Chengde was built in 1703 and is about 5,640,000 square meters large, with natural lakes and mountains inside.


It was the place where emperors of the Qing Dynasty and their royal families spent hot summer, and to welcome minority leaders, like from Mongolia or Tibet.


This was also the place where royals went hunting each year in the history of China. 


Besides beautiful natural sceneries, historical architectures here are extraordinary as well. They are an excellent combination of natural and artificial sceneries and the mix of the northern and southern architectural styles in China.


Temples inside assimilated styles of other minorities, like Mongolia, Tibetan, and Hui.


Emperor Xuan Ye and Hong Li named 72 beautiful views in total, which combined traditional Chinese culture with appealing natural scenes; as for other beautiful sceneries, they are now waiting for others to find out. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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