Pingyao — The Most Well Protected Ancient Chinese City

Around 2,700 years ago in the history of China, a general led his soldiers to build a city wall there to defense invasion from the nomadic regimes, as a military site.


Gradually, civilians moved in and developed it into a normal city named Ping Yao. 


In the year 1370, the city wall of Ping Yao was rebuilt and solidified, then, it didn’t change much in the next 600 years.


Today, the city wall, the streets, and thousands of houses in the city are almost exactly how they looked like in the year 1370. It is a World Heritage Site, as the most well-protected ancient city in China. 


On its main street, there are many ancient Chinese banks which used to have advanced management systems. 


These ancient banks made Ping Yao the financial center of China in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1919), where the merchants also provided financial support and loans to the Qing government for several times. 


The earliest Confucian Temple from a thousand years ago is standing inside the city, which served as an educational place before. In addition, the ancient government building is presenting to us how officials did their jobs in the history of China. 


Outside the city, some temples with thousands of painted sculptures (from 13-17th century) and millennial wooden architectures are presenting habitants’ religious lives, as well as their artistic achievements.

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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