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Places in China — Beautiful Sceneries and Exceptional Cultural Attractions

There are many attractive Chinese places that are worth visiting, from extraordinary feats with great historical and cultural values to stunningly beautiful natural scenic areas with fascinating legends.

Five Great Mountains


In the Chinese creation myth, Pan Gu’s head and limbs incarnated into the Five Great Mountains after he departed.  


They are divine, magnificent, and spectacular, believed to be the path to heaven or the residence of different deities. 

Therefore, in those great mountains, emperors held grand ceremonies to worship heaven and pray for blessing, and Taoists and Buddhists built temples to practice.


In addition, mountains seem eternal compared to human history; hence, they have accumulated many folktales and legends that have been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. 

Therefore, besides amazing natural scenes, every mountain’s origin and historical and cultural values are also interesting.  


Exceptional Mountain Landscapes in China

Besides the Five Great Mountains, many other magnificent mountains have amazing natural scenes, fascinating legends, and significant historical, cultural, and religious values.