Five Ideal Places for A Family Outing

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Nowadays, many people are constantly facing pressure at work in that they immerse themselves in a fast-paced environment on a daily basis. Therefore, an enjoyable trip with their family members would more or less help them alleviate stress. Well, if that’s what you are looking for, here is the general information about some of the ideal destinations in China for a family outing.

Wuyuan county

婺源 (wù yuán)

Wuyuan is located in Jiangxi province and was crowned “the most beautiful village in China”. As it’s not listed among the most visited tourist sites in China, the traditional Chinese architecture and splendid natural scenery are well preserved in this tranquil village. Having a history of more than 1270 years, Wuyuan is the perfect place for you to gain a better understanding of the traditional Chinese culture. Another reason why Wuyuan is considered to be an ideal choice for a family outing is that its secluded location makes it an ideal destination for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

ancient city of pingyap

平遥古城 (píng yáo gǔ chéng)

Pingyao is an ancient town situated in Shanxi province, Northern China. It has a history of more than 2700 years and is one of the four most well-preserved ancient towns in China. Unlike some of the other famous historical sites which are heavily commercialized, Pingyao is known for its “primitiveness”. Traditional shops and ancient residential buildings can be seen on both sides of the streets, which will remind you of the local merchant culture wherever you go. Meanwhile, the relaxing atmosphere of this small town will provide you with the opportunity to have an insight into the local people’s daily lives.

huangshan mountain

黄山 (huáng shān)

If you and your family members are passionate about mountaineering, Huang Mountain is the right place for you to spend your weekend. Located in Anhui province, Huang Mountain is a 5A tourist site that attracts millions of Chinese and foreign visitors every year. Owning 72 majestic peaks, Huang Mountain will expose you to a spectacular view of the endless undulating mountains. In addition, its stunning waterfalls and verdant pines are what would make your journey to the Huang Mountain unforgettable.

bridge in Sanya

三亚 (sān yà)

Sanya is a well-known tourist city situated in Hainan. The city has gained popularity among Chinese and foreign tourists owing to its summer-like climate all year round. Many foreigners find Sanya exotic as it reminds them of tropical countries, which is probably the reason why Sanya is sometimes known as the “Oriental Hawaii”. In addition to the pleasant climate, the white sand beach is another important factor that makes Sanya an attractive destination for a family outing. Moreover, it’ll be quite interesting to explore the life habit and customs of the local ethnic group.

Garden Yu Yuan

豫园 (yù yuán)

Yu Garden is one of the most famous tourist sites in Shanghai and it is located right in the city center. If you choose to talk a walk around Yu Garden, you will be surrounded by a number of magnificent ancient buildings which look particularly majestic in the evening with all the lights on. Apart from being able to “having a close contact” with the essence of Chinese classical gardens, you will also have the opportunity to try numerous local snacks that would allow you to know more about the rich food culture in China.

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