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Your name, idioms, and phrases, exquisitely carved in natural stone, and decorated with exquisite tassels, create a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and individuality.


Item Type: Seal

Customized: Yes

Material: Stone

Size: 30*30*65mm

Package: Gift Box

Customized Translucent Natural Stone Stamp Personal Chinese Name Seal

  • Carving one's name, making it into beautiful and classical seals, and using it as a unique signature has been popular.


    Meanwhile, carving one's favorite phrases with special meaning, such as idioms, nicknames, hometowns, poems, and classics, is also a popular way to express one's ambition, state of mind, artistic taste, knowledge, cultivation, and more.

  • We would like to bring to your attention that our product is made of natural stone, which results in variations in stone patterns, colors, and textures. These unique characteristics contribute to the individuality and beauty of each item.


    Moreover, as the measurements are carried out by hand, a slight difference of 1-3 mm should be anticipated.

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