Wuzhen — Dark Awning Boat in A Historical City

About 1000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty, there was a rebel army that had caused the society severe chaos and took away many people’s lives.


Soon, a brave general named Wu led Tang’s army marched into this city; after intense battles, he successfully defeated the rebellions. However, the general and his warhorse also sacrificed for protecting his people. 


The second day after the general’s departure, a big maidenhair tree grew quickly from his grave and had never fructified. People believed this was the incarnation of General Wu; therefore, this city was named after General Wu and his brave war horse Zhen.


Today, this over a thousand years old maidenhair tree is still standing in city Wu Zhen. 


Besides this ancient tree, other architectures here are at least 100 years old. Some buildings and bridges are even more historical. 


In this ancient town surrounding by peaceful rivers, sitting in a boat with a dark awning to appreciate historical architecture is an amazing and fun experience.  

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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