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Personalized Chinese name service, combining ancient wisdom, cultural significance, and literary aesthetics.


Our meticulous process takes into consideration various factors:


  • Pleasant sound and beautiful writing that fits your family name;


  • Auspicious meaning and rich literary value from ancient classic literature;


  • Compatibility with your Five Elements feature and Zodiac Sign, including the structure and stroke numbers of the characters used in names;


  • Suitable vibes that match your personal requirements.



The Product Includes:


  • TWO carefully provided names for you to choose from, presented in 2 PDF files that explain their meanings, sources, and Pinyin pronunciation.


  • 2 JPG files (Pixel Dimension: 5400 × 7200) feature the names in ancient calligraphy style characters, accompanied by ancient sources or poetic explanations from timeless masterpieces, as well as customized seals for you. You have the freedom to select and print out your preferred design.


  • 2 JPG files (Pixel Dimension: 5400 × 7200) feature the complete names (your family name + given names).


  • 2 JPG files (Pixel Dimension: 5400 × 7200) feature customized seals for you.



Related Reading:


Chinese Literature in Names, Chinese Symbols, Chinese Poetry, Imagery;


Ying Yang, Five Elements, Zodiac Signs, Astrology, and Traditional Calendar.

Personalized Chinese Name Service

  • To get a perfect name, please provide the following information in the "Required Info" section:


    1 Gender; if you would like a nurtural gender name, please input neutral;


    2 Family Name;


    3 Birth year, month, day, and hour, if you want to include Five Elements and Zodiac Sign compatibility;


    4 A few keywords that describe your personality, or vibes you want from the names;


    5 Other requirements that you'd like to add.

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