West Lake — Lake of History, Legend and Chinese Culture

West Lake, a World Cultural Heritage, is one of the most famous cultural landscapes in China.


It is around 4,600,000 square meters large and consists of both beautiful natural scenery and cultural stories.


Once upon a time, two fairies found a beautiful, magical jade; wherever the jade shed light on to, this place would be covered by trees and gorgeous flowers. 


However, this jade accidentally fell on the earth and turned into the West Lake. These two fairies then followed the jade, and incarnated into two mountains along the lake, guarding it forever since then. 

Over 2,000 years ago, the first emperor in the history of China, Qin Shi Huang, had visited the West Lake, when the lake was firstly, officially documented.


Hundreds of years later, Emperor Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty established The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal that connected with the West Lake.


After Emperor Zhao Gou established the Southern Song Dynasty and moved to the city Hangzhou, more artists and poems left their excellent masterpieces describing this beautiful lake.


Great heroes like General Yue Fei and Minister Yu Qian all buried next to West Lake, and their memorial temples now are famous tourist attractions. Moreover, other emperors like Xuan Ye and Hong Li had visited West Lake and left many fun stories.  

Besides those historical stories, many Taoism and Buddhism buildings are scattering around the West Lake, whose melodious bell tone is appealing and peaceful. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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