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Yue Fei -- An Extraordinary and Heroic General in the History of China with Horrible Injustice

Yue Fei (1103 -- 1142) was one of the most famous generals and heroes in the Song Dynasty with epic experiences; his achievements and loyalty was exceptional, his tragic ending, however, were extremely unjust and sad. 

Yue Fei's Volunteer Troop and those Insistent, Brave Warriors


Born into an ordinary peasant family, Yue Fei was strong and upright. He joined the army as an ordinary soldier and was promoted several times because of his keen military insight and extraordinary skills of martial art.


After nomadic regime Jin invaded the Empire Song’s capital city, captured two emperors and lots of royal family members and ministers, and occupied most places of the northern China, the only free prince Zhao Gou escaped to the south and reestablished Song Dynasty.


Yue Fei tried several times to persuade the new emperor to fight and take back all their lost lands and people, but he was turned down and got demoted in response. 


Therefore, Yue Fei joined in other volunteer armies in the northern China; millions of warriors kept fighting against the Jin with the help of civilians.


Gradually, Yue Fei established his own army. It was originally consisted of some refugees in the northern China who wanted to take their lost home back, then it expanded as a large troop with strict disciplines and glorious military achievements.


Army of Revenging and the Remarkable Successes

The over 100, 000 warriors in Yue’s troop were extremely loyal, strong and disciplined; no matter how cold or hungry they were, they never harassed civilians.


Therefore, General Yue Fei and his army were highly respected and loved by civilians. Soon, this army was named as the Army of Yue, they kept growing and expanding, also kept winning.  ​

Years later the new emperor Zhao Gou wanted to fight back; he then finally nominated Yue Fei as the cheif commander of all of the Song’s armies.


Yue organized many other talented generals, brave soldiers and resources; together, they marched northward.


They defeated aggressive, outnumbered enemies for several times, perished the Jin's most powerful and invincible cavalry main force troop, and took back many lost cities. 

Forcing to Retreat and Give Up Everything

When everything was perfect and everyone was inspired, when they kept winning and were planning to march north further and trying to recover the whole of nation, When the Jin's armies were quite possible to be expelled outside of the Great Wall, Yue Fei and all the armies of the Song Empire were suddenly summoned back by emperor Zhao Gou and the famous traitor Qin Hui


Yue Fei had to listen to his emperor, because he was a loyal man; but that meant all their efforts and achievements for the last decade, all the cities and lands they had recovered from the Kingdom Jin, would be again lost to their enemy. 


At that time, Yue Fei had most of the Song's soldiers’ respect and loyalty, as well as large numbers of civilian’s love, he definitely had the ability to establish a new kingdom in those lands that he gained, like the founder of the Song Dynasty, the Emperor Zhao Kuangyin did before.


However, Yue Fei chose another path; his pure fidelity made him decide to follow all of his emperor’s orders. 


Tens of thousands of civilians packed up, left their homes for good and migrated southward with Yue Fei, under protection of his army.


The sound of their crying was widespread, along mountains and rivers, until they arrived the southern Empire Song. 

Being Demoted and Murdered Cruely 

After Yue Fei came back to his emperor, he was expelled from his own army and lost all control.


From an extraordinary commander and a true hero, to a civilian and a nobody, however, his achievements and extremely high reputation among Song’s people still intimidated Qin Hui. 


Then Yue Fei was framed up by Qin Hui and was put into prison, under the name of betraying his own country.


Yue Fei was tortured for months, but he never admitted any crimes that they accused him. 


Soon, Emperor Zhao Gou and traitor Qin Hui tried to sign a shameful treaty with Jin; the first thing Jin required was that their biggest enemy, the great marshal Yue Fei, had to be dead.

But Qin Hui was afraid that a big public trial and execution might raise many civilian’s opponents, even rebellion. 


So, Qin Hui and his wife came up with the evil idea of poisoning Yue Fei to death in a shabby prison. 

After being forced to give up everything that he achieved on the battlefields, and was accused of having rebelled the country which he dedicated his entire life to protecting, and having suffered months of cruel torture, the loyal hero Yue Fei was murdered. 


His son and another general, who were exceptionally contributive and had played important roles in the Army of Yue, also were sentenced to death later.


Yue’s wife and other kids were expelled to a very far and remote place.


Other important generals of Yue’s army were demoted, expelled, or resigned; soldiers of his army were reorganized by Emperor Zhao Gou.


Some soldiers accepted the rearrangement. Others, especially those originally from the northern China who still wanted their home back, they left Song’s army and went back north to keep fighting with the Jin, but they didn’t have any backups or supports from the Empire Song anymore. 

Since then, those brave generals and ministers were buried in the dark or lived in seclusion, while those doves enjoying wealthy and powerful lives after signing that shameful treaty.


Empire Song lost their northern section forever. They never had a commander like Yue Fei again, or a good opportunity to achieve a huge success to take their lands back in the history of China. 


Cleansing of Yue Fei's Name

Yue Fei’s body was secretly stolen out and buried properly by a brave jailor; the jailor then told his son about this secret location before he departed. 


Yue Fei’s name was cleaned 20 years later, by the next emperor, then the jailor’s son told the government about YueFei ’s secret burial place.


Finally, Yue Fei was reburied, using ceremony of a loyal general.


Today, people still could feel his courage and dream from his remarkable poems and calligraphy works, and experience how much he wanted to recover the lost lands and to save Song Empire’s people.