Dongting Lake — Dream of Cloud and Lake of History

Dongting Lake used to have a beautiful name, the Dream of Clouds; it is believed as a fantastic place that immortals enjoy visiting in ancient Chinese culture. 


There are 72 peaks dotted in this lake, which were believed the incarnations of 72 kind fairies of conch. They sacrificed themselves to offer people some places to anchor and rest when they were fishing and provided this lake extraordinary natural scene. 

Dongting Lake is about 2625 square kilometers, which contains four main lakes and 217 types of birds.


Some islands with mysterious myth and legend are located in this lake as well. The tombs of two queens of King Shun (about 4000 years ago), poems and articles of famous historical figures in Chinese culture, historical buildings (with about 1800 years old), and military heritage sites are scattered in the Dongting Lake. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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