Poyang Lake — Paradise of Birds and The Devil's Triangle

Once upon a time, a young fisherman found a shining pearl in the Poyang Lake and took it along.


On his way home, a girl showed up and told him that she lost her precious pearl. So this young man gave her the pearl that he found and left.


Sometime later, this young man encountered a huge windstorm, then a fairy in a green dress with a glorious pearl appeared, and guided him escaped from death safely.


This young man and the beautiful fairy then fell in love and got married. 


However, an evil cast his greedy eyes on the beautiful fairy and tried everything to sabotage her happy marriage.


Soon, she was found out having married a human being and took back to heaven by her master.


On her way back to heaven, she saw that devil was trying to attack her beloved husband; so she threw one of her shoes, which then turned into a mountain next to the Poyang Lake, toward the devil and buried him under the water. 


The legend of the Poyang Lake might be hearsay of the Chinese myth; however, the big windstorm that young fishermen had encountered was possibly for real.


In the history of China, thousands of boats had mysteriously disappeared in an area near an ancient temple in the middle of the Poyang Lake, just like the Bermuda Triangle.


No one knows what caused those series of accidents, or what exactly happened to those vanished boats and people. 


Other areas of the Poyang Lake, the second largest lake in China, are quite beautiful and attractive. More than 300 types of birds are living there, where is also the kingdom of the white crane. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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