Chaohu Lake — Millennium Temples and Islands

Thousands of years ago in the history of China, Chaohu Lake used to be a beautiful city.


One year, people here were suffering from severe drought, so they kept sincerely praying for rainfall every day.


A passing-by white dragon saw them and brought them a big rain using his magic; however, this behavior broke the rule of heaven, and the white dragon got punished. 


Years later, the white dragon heard that this place would be submerged soon. So he transformed into a young man and told this bad news to a lady.


She tried her best to inform everyone to escape from the huge flood, however, at last, she didn’t have enough time to run away. Together with the town, she was devoured by water and buried under the lake.

Afterward, this city turned into the Chaohu Lake; an island in the middle of the lake was believed as the incarnation of and was named after this nice lady. 


Nowadays, a one-thousand-year-old temple is still standing on this island.


People living in this area always could see quite historical relics along the lake, which verified the saying of a buried city. Lately, an old town was found deep down the Chaohu Lake; maybe the truth will be revealed very soon. 


Chaohu Lake is famous for its natural beauty. It has a fantastic thermal spring, which was discovered more than 2000 years ago and verified good for health.


Some mountains are located near the lake, the love trees, and mysterious caves can be found there.

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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