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I Love You in Chinese — Characters, Phrases, Classical Poems, and Quotes of Sweet Love

To say I love you in Chinese can be conveyed through various means, ranging from Love Tokens to romantic symbols.


This article compiles Chinese characters, phrases, idioms, poems, and quotes that eloquently convey the joy, tenderness, and affection of being in love. It celebrates the profound happiness and exquisite beauty of romantic relationships.



Chinese Characters for Love:


  • Love: 爱

  • Adore: 爱慕

  • Affection: 爱情

  • Loved one: 爱人

  • Lovesickness: 相思

  • Mutual love: 相爱

  • True love: 真爱

  • Deep love: 深爱

  • I Love You: 我爱你

Chinese Symbols for Love

Chinese Phrases About Beautiful Love

Fall in Love


  • 一见钟情: Love at first sight.

  • 魂牵梦萦: Beloved one appears in one's head and dreams.  

  • 花好月圆: Blooming flowers and the full moon represent beautifulness and perfection. 

  • 情投意合: Mutual love, understanding, and congruence.

  • 柔情蜜意: Sweet affection and gentle love. 

  • 情有独钟: All attention to the only love. 

  • 心心相印: Mutual appreciation and tacit knowledge.

Silver Hairpin (Chai) of the Tang Dynasty — Shaanxi History Museum

Silver Hairpin (Chai) of the Tang Dynasty (618 — 907) — Shaanxi History Museum (Photo by Dongmaiying)

Deeply in Love

  • 一往情深: Irreversible deep love. 

  • 海枯石烂: (Love someone) until seas dry up and stones turn to dust, representing eternal love. 

  • 刻骨铭心: Engraved on bones and hearts, meaning profound and unforgettable. 

  • 如胶似漆: Inseparable like glue and paint.

  • 矢志不渝: Eternal, unchangeable love.

  • 佳偶天成: Perfect match like is arranged by divines.

  • 海誓山盟: Love vows are eternal as mountains and seas. 

eternal seas

Happily Married


  • 珠联璧合: Gathering of pearls and jade represents beautiful and happy couples.

  • 共度爱河: Live in the river of love, meaning the combination of a loving couple.

  • 天作之合: Perfect couple arranged by heaven.

  • 举案齐眉: Couple of mutual respect and love. ​

  • 同心同德: Alike heart, faith, and goal. 

  • 百年好合: Lifetime of conjugal felicity.

  • 凤凰于飞: Phoenixes flying in the sky, representing harmonious conjugal love.

Lifetime Together


  • 琴瑟合鸣: Harmonious performing of musical instruments Qin and Se, representing happy and loving couples. 

  • 相濡以沫: Fishes moisturize each other using foam in dry environments, meaning helping each other in difficult situations.

  • 白头偕老: Live happily together until hair turns grey.

  • 比翼双飞: Love birds Biyi flying in the sky, representing a blessed couple supporting each other in life and careers. 

  • 天长地久: Eternal as heaven and earth. 

  • 伉俪情深: A happy couple with deep love.

  • 长相厮守: Be in love and together forever. 

A Cute Dog (Yi Xiao Tu) that Xuande Emperor Zhu Zhanji Painted to Please Lady Sun

Painting "Yi Xiao Tu" by Xuande Emperor (1399 — 1435), to Please His Beloved Woman Lady Sun — Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Chinese Poems About Sweet Love

  • 死生契阔,与子成说。执子之手,与子偕老。The Classic of Poetry, or The Book of Songs, or Shijing, compiled by Confucius (551 BC  — 479 BC).

Life, death, or apart, as we vowed; we will hold hands, and grow old till the end.


  • 既见君子,云胡不喜。The Classic of Poetry.

Now that I see you, how can I not feel joyful. 

  • 今夕何夕,见此良人。The Classic of Poetry.

On this serendipitous night, I met such a person, fine and bright.

  • 邂逅相遇,适我愿兮。The Classic of Poetry.

This serendipitous encounter, is what I have wished for.

  • 邂逅相遇,与子偕臧。The Classic of Poetry.

Serendipitous encounter; joyous rendezvous.

  • 长乐未央,长毋相忘。


Infinite happiness, unforgettable love.


It is carved on belt hooks given by Liu Fei (168 BC — 128 BC) to his beloved woman, now preserved in Nanjing Museum. 


Liu Fei was a brave and accomplished king of the Han Dynasty, half-brother of Emperor Wudi (156 BC — 87 BC).

The Silver Belt Hook Unearthed from Tomb of King Liu Fei — Nanjing Museum

The Silver Belt Hook Unearthed from Tomb of King Liu Fei — Nanjing Museum

  • 两情若是久长时,又岂在朝朝暮暮。Qin Guan (1049 — 1100)


If mutual love is deep and eternal, no need to stick together all day perpetual.​

  • 只愿君心似我心,定不负相思意。Li Zhiyi (1048 — 1117)


I wish your heart would be like mine, then not in vain for you I pine. (Translated by Xu Yuanchong)​

  • 皑如山上雪,皎若云间月。Zhuo Wenjun of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC — 8 AD)

Love should be pure as snow on mountains, and be bright as the moon amidst clouds.

  • 问世间,情是何物,直教生死相许。Yuan Haowen (1190 — 1257)


Ask the world, what love is, to make life and death togetherness the vow.

Embraced Swan Geese Jade Pendant of Liao Dynasty (907 — 1125)

Embraced Swan Geese Jade Pendant of Liao Dynasty (907 — 1125) — Inner Mongolia Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology (Photo by Dongmaiying)

  • 愿得一心人,白头不相离。 Zhuo Wenjun of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC — 8 AD)


Wish to have true love with a loyal heart, with hair turn grey we will never be apart. 

  • 人生自是有情痴,此恨不关风与月。Ouyang Xiu  (1007 — 1072)


Life is born with loving and pining; unrelated to the wind nor the moon's glowing. 


  • 愿我如星君如月,夜夜流光相皎洁。Fan Chengda (1126 — 1193)


Wishing I were the star and you were the moon bright; bathing each other in radiant light every night. ​

  • 月上柳梢头,人约黄昏后。Ouyang Xiu  (1007 — 1072)

Moon rises above willow tree crown; we meet for rendezvous after sundown.

moon rises
  • 愿有岁月可回首,且以深情共白头。Feng Tang


Wish we have sweet memories to look back on, with grey hair yet still deeply in love. 

  • 十五年前花月底,相从曾赋赏花诗。Li Qingzhao (1084 — 1155)

Fifteen years ago, in the beautiful garden beneath the moonlight; side by side, we wrote poems to appreciate the flowers' delight.

  • 结发为夫妻,恩爱两不疑。Su Wu (140 BC — 60 BC)

Tied together as husband and wife; our conjugal love is never doubtful.


  • 身无彩凤双飞翼,心有灵犀一点通。Li Shangyin (about 813 — 858)


Have no wings to fly to you like the colorful phoenix, yet have a sensitive heart to understand your feelings like magic rhino horns.

In ancient Chinese legend, white stripes of rhino horn have the magic of tacit understanding or comprehension.

  • 若有知音见采,不辞遍唱阳春。Yan Shu (991 — 1055)

If I meet a kindred spirit who gets along, I'll sing to him all the beautiful songs.

  • 夜月一帘幽梦,春风十里柔情。Qin Guan (1049 — 1100)


Under the moon, we shared ethereal dreams behind the veils; the lingering affection is tender as miles of the spring breeze.

  • 柔情似水,佳期如梦。Qin Guan (1049 — 1100)


Their love is tender and soft like water; their rendezvous is beautiful but ethereal as a dream.

  • 毕竟相思,不似相逢好。Shao Ruipeng (1887 — 1938)


Longing, after all, is not as good as being together.

Sunshine and flowers
  • 众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在,灯火阑珊处。Xin Qiji (1140 — 1207)


In the crowd I searched thousands of times; turning around in an instant, I found her amidst dim serene lights.

  • 与君初相识,犹如故人归。Du Mu (803 — 852) 

Upon our first encounter, felt like an old friend returning.

  • 与君相向转相亲,与君双栖共一身。Liu Xiyi (about 651 — 680)

Facing each other, we grow closer, in shared abode, one soul together.

  • 但求此生同行路,天涯海角不觉远。其六 Li Bai (701 — 762)

Wishing in this life we could walk side by side; ends of the world would no longer seem distant.

  • 桃之夭夭,灼灼其华。之子于归,宜其室家。The Classic of Poetry, or The Book of Songs, or Shijing, compiled by Confucius (551 BC — 479 BC).

Peach blossoms are blooming; their petals are illuminating. As the bride, beautiful and blushing; she will make the new family thriving.

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