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Handwritten calligraphy work of timeless Chinese poems, idioms, proverbs about happiness from ancient masterpieces, adorn your surroundings with exquisite literary treasures.


Choose from our carefully curated and continuously updating collection of ancient poems, idioms, and proverbs, thoughtfully selected to reflect the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and literature:


If none of the available options resonate with you, we offer a customized input box where you can input the exact Chinese texts you like. 


If you don't have specific verses in mind, please write down the sentiments or messages you wish to convey, in Chinese or in English, and we will do our best to find verses that align with your desires. 



Item Type: Handwritten Calligraphy

Customized: Yes

Frame Material: Pine Wood

Size: A3; A4

Happiness Wisdom Literature in Personalized Handwritten Chinese Calligraphy

  • If you would like us to pick texts, please also input a valid email address in the "Literary Texts" field for us to contact you.


    For any other special requirements, such as paper color, size, typesetting, signature, font, or any specific requests, please add them in the "Other Requirements" field along with a valid email address. We will do our best to accommodate them, although we cannot guarantee that we can meet all requirements.

  • Size A3: Approximately 11.7x16.5 inches or 297mmx420mm.


    Size A4: Approximately 8.3x11.7 inches or 210mmx297mm.


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