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Handwritten calligraphy of your family name in ancient Chinese Xiaozhuan style characters, with ancient source or poetic explanation from timeless masterpieces.


The ancient text origins or explanations we select are either the most ancient and original explanations in history or those with beautiful meanings, based on our deep understanding of Chinese culture and history.


For those who only provide English names, we can translate for you.



Item Type: Handwritten Calligraphy

Customized: Yes

Frame Material: Pine Wood

Size: A3; A4

Handwritten Family Name in Chinese Xiaozhuan Calligraphy with an Ancient Source

  • If you are unsure about your Chinese surname, please provide pronunciation or the closest approximation in the "Family Name" field, and we will pick one for you.


    If you have specific explanatory phrases for your surname, please add them in the "Family Name" field as well.


    For any other special requirements, such as paper color, size, typesetting, signature, font, or any specific requests, please add them in the "Other Requirements" field along with a valid email address. We will do our best to accommodate them, although we cannot guarantee that we can meet all requirements.


    As a friendly reminder, please note that due to the nature of handwritten calligraphy, each piece may exhibit slight variations in the brushstrokes and characters, making it different from the picture and creating a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

  • Size A3: Approximately 11.7x16.5 inches or 297mmx420mm.


    Size A4: Approximately 8.3x11.7 inches or 210mmx297mm.


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