King Wu Yi -- Challenger of Theocracy

Wu Yi (? — 1113 BC) ascended the throne from his father and became the 28th king of the Shang Dynasty in the history of China. However, this empire was already in decline and many nearby regimes were expanding.


So Wu Yi spent lots of time and energy defeating those forces that might threaten his dominance. He was a good military leader who achieved many martial successes, but the society was still on the wane, both economically and politically. 


Nevertheless, the most noteworthy behavior of King Wu Yi was his challenge to the theocracy.


He didn’t believe in any type of supernatural powers or celestial. Moreover, he made leather into a human figure and filled with blood, which he believed was the representative of God, and then hang it up high and shoot it.


He tried many things to show that he, not any celestial, was the most powerful monarch of the world.


Wu Yi passed away after thunder attacked him on his way back from hunting. Most people believed that this was the consequence of him having insulted heaven and celestial.


Though his activities were long considered absurd or controversial, his ruling period was a turning point of transferring from Theocracy to the Monarchical Politics in the history of China. 

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