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Anhui Cuisine or Hui Cuisine — Natural, Tasty Series that Disseminated by Diligent Merchants

In the Chinese food culture, Hui Cuisine pays attention to being natural and fresh; baking, steaming, and stewing are frequently used cooking methods, which all have strict requirements of duration and degree of heating. 


It originated in the Song Dynasty (960 — 1279) when the national economical center transferred from northern to southern China because of wars. 


Hui Cuisine achieved prosperity about 600 years ago when the people of the Hui area became one of the biggest business groups in the history of China. Hui Cuisine was widely spread with these diligent merchants when they traveled around, and many adjustments were made when they returned.


Nowadays, the dishes of Hui Cuisine are the perfect combination of local ingredients and outside materials, with their consistent cooking method and unique flavors.  

Some Dishes of Anhui Cuisine or Hui Cuisine

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