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Guangdong Cuisine or Cantonese Cuisine of the Lingnan Culture — Exquisite Series Preserving the Essence of Primary Flavors

Guangdong Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, or Yue Cuisine, is the culinary art that originated from the Lingnan Culture in today's Guangdong Province, characterized by its mild, natural, and fresh flavors.

The Lingnan area in southern China features a hot and humid subtropical climate with diverse terrains, including mountains, plains, and tablelands.

The geological diversity and climate of the region provide an abundance of rich and high-quality food, offering the most affluent cooking ingredients.

It is essential to preserve and present the original taste of each cooking material using different methods.


Therefore, the use of various types of flavorings is not as crucial as in other Chinese cuisines.

The dishes of Cantonese Cuisine may taste relatively plain; however, they perfectly preserve the primary flavor of all the materials through exquisite cutting and dish decoration.

Cantonese Cuisine originated relatively late in the history of China but developed rapidly.

Moreover, many authentic Chinese restaurants overseas feature dishes based on Cantonese Cuisine.

Dishes of Guangdong Cuisine or Cantonese Cuisine 

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