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Zhejiang Cuisine or Zhe Cuisine of the Wuyue Culture — Delicate Culinary Series with Fresh, Mellow, and Light Flavors

Zhejiang Cuisine or Zhe Cuisine is the culinary art that originated from the Wuyue Culture in today's Zhejiang Province, characterized by its fresh, mellow, and light flavors.

After the establishment of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 — 1279) in the region, migrated royals and scholars brought their exquisite culinary arts, blending them with local ingredients to create the exquisite Zhejiang Cuisine.

Beyond its reputation for delicacy and refinement, Zhejiang Cuisine shares a close relationship with many famous historical figures from this period.


Many dishes in Zhejiang Cuisine bear names inspired by historical figures, famous sites, or are connected to local folklore and legends.

Frying, deep-frying, braising, steaming, and roasting emerge as the most frequently used cooking methods in Zhejiang Cuisine.

Renowned for preserving the authentic taste of ingredients and making them fresh and tender with exquisite cutting and plating skills, Zhejiang Cuisine stands as a culinary masterpiece.

Dishes of Zhejiang Cuisine or Zhe Cuisine

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