Guo Ziyi -- Contributive Marshal of Recovery of the Realm

Guo Ziyi (697 -- 781) was the most contributive marshal in the eight-year-long An-Shi rebellion war of the Tang Dynasty, and an extremely loyal and benevolent minister in the history of China.


He had served 7 emperors in a row and was always highly respected and appreciated.


He used his exceptional wisdom to save his country and flourished his clan.  


From Kongfu Master to The Remarkable Marshal Guo Ziyi

Guo Ziyi was born into an ordinary family, and won first place in the Imperial Examination of Martial Art which was established by Empress Wu Zetian.


Soon Guo was assigned some positions in the army, based on his talent. 


When the destructive An-Shi Rebellion happened, Guo was at home in mourning for his mother; but he was soon summoned back because of this war.


Then he was nominated as general to led his army fought against the rebel troops. He and his soldiers fought difficultly and took back the lost cities one by one.


Guo then was promoted from a general to the marshal of the Tang Empire’s main force, because of his remarkable achievements. 


According to the current emperor, Guo recovered and saved the whole kingdom. 


Jealousy and Calumniation from the Eunuch Group

But with Guo’s increasing power and reputation, the most powerful eunuch got quite jealous. 


So, when Guo lost in a battle because of another general's bad cooperation and the bad weather, that eunuch calumniated Guo in front of the emperor, saying that Guo should take responsibility for the failure. 


Consequently, after having assisted the recovering of the empire, Guo was removed from the army. 


Afterward, whenever the Tang government was in danger, Guo Ziyi was summoned back to defeat those enemies; then he would be sabotaged by powerful eunuchs and abolished again.

Once, a nomadic regime occupied Tang Empire's capital city and the current emperor escaped. General Guo Ziyi came back and led the remaining soldiers to defeat them successfully. 


That was the second time that he recovered Tang's capital and saved his emperor. 


Even so, every time Tang's emperors planned to listen to other ministers to reward Marshal Guo Ziyi and let him command the army, those eunuchs would jump out and persuade those emperors not to. 


This circle had been repeated several times, but Guo never complained or bragged about his glorious achievements or those injustices. 


He defeated enemies bravely when he was needed, and lived in seclusion when he was expelled.


Years later, some nomadic regimes allied over 300, 000 soldiers together to attack the Tang Empire.


General Guo Ziyi went to one of those allied regimes alone and persuaded the Khan to retreat. Then, Guo decisively attacked other regimes and achieved huge success.


This time, he was awarded some honorable titles and gained respect by everyone, and didn’t get expelled again.


Honorable Reputation of Guo Ziyi

General Guo Ziyi impressed many people by his extraordinary contribution, kind personality, and absolute loyalty and integrity, include emperors, ministers, soldiers, and civilians. 


In the end, even those eunuchs who framed him up several times before were completely admired him.


Throughout the history of China, there was no negative comment about Guo Ziyi; everyone was sincerely respected this brave and wise person.


He lived a stable and honorable life when he was old, and passed away peacefully in his house in his 80s. 

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