Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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Qin Hui -- A Dreadfully Treacherous Minister and A Terrible Traitor in the History of China

Although he was one of the most horrible, treacherous ministers in the history of China, Qin Hui (1090 -- 1155) had a bright beginning.


Intelligent and Rightful Genius Qin Hui

Born into an ordinary family in the Song Dynasty, he was talented and knowledgeable; after Qin Hui won the first place in the Imperial Examination, he was assigned some political positions and did a good job. 


At that time, the biggest threat of the Empire Song was their northern neighbor, a nomadic regime named Jin; Qin Hui insisted that Song should try their best to fight against them.


He served as a brave emissary for several times, to negotiate with the nomadic government and acted bravely and smartly. 

Years later, Jin invaded the Song’s capital city and captured two emperors and lots of royal family members and ministers, including Qin Hui; most of northern places in China were occupied as well.


Emperor Zhao Ji’s another son Zhao Gou was lucky, because he wasn’t in the capital city when the nomadic army came, thus he escaped to the southern part of China and reestablished Song Dynasty. 


Secretly Surrender to the Enemy 

All of these ministers who were captured by the nomadic regime were loyal and willing to sacrifice for their emperors; they had been treated badly, except for Qin Hui.


He surrendered secretly and started to serve Jin.


Some time later he arrived at Emperor Zhao Gou’s new government, claimed that he gained the opportunity to escape after he killed his guards.


Many people were suspicious, but others still believed him due to his talent and loyalty when he was young. 


Qin Hui was then highly trusted by the new emperor Zhao Gou, because neither of them wanted to fight with the nomadic regime to take back two emperors and northern China at that time.


Because for Qin Hui, he was already serving the nomadic government. But Emperor Zhao Gou realized that he could not have his throne anymore, if his father or other older brothers came back. 


Therefore, Qin Hui and his Emperor Zhao Gou were both quite happy to have power at hand, and enjoy life in the southern China.

Gradual, Inspiring Successes of Empire Song's Vengeance

Years later, after Zhao Gou was stable in the new government and heard about his father’s death, he wanted to fight back; because there were no more threats to his throne and his mother and other relatives were still in captivity.


In addition, the nomadic Jin kept invading Song, which made Zhao Gou had to keep escaping from one place to another.


Meanwhile, many of the Song’s loyal generals and ministers had strong will and ability to revenge; a great deal of civilians from northern China didn’t want to be ruled by a nomadic regime, many of them already voluntarily organized armies and kept fighting with Jin. 


Under those circumstances, some great marshals led Song’s armies and those volunteer warriors fought back, and achieved exceptional success; the most famous and contributive general was Yue Fei.


They took back many lost cities, and defeated nomadic troops for several times; the reunification of the whole of nation became extremely possible.

Murdering of Great Marshal Yue Fei

However, Qin Hui framed Yue Fei up, and persuaded Emperor Zhao Gou to call a truce with the nomadic government.


Qin Hui said that Marshal Yue Fei had so many soldiers and great reputation among Song's people, especially Yue was too far away and kept winning; therefore, it's very possible and easy for Yue to rebel the Song Empire and establish a new kingdom.


Then the emperor commanded all their armies to retreat to the southern China, and put Yue Fei into prison.


Hearing that Yue Fei refused to admit, no matter how much torture he had suffered, the sins he never did, Qin Hui and his wife poisoned Yue to death in the cell. 


Signing of Unfair Treaty As Sinner of the History

Then Qin Hui started the negotiation with Jin again, and signed a shameful treaty, including giving back to Jin all the cities that Song’s armies had won back, tributing Jin large amount of money each year, and respecting Jin as monarch.


Till now, the northern China completely belonged to this nomadic regime Jin, and then the peace in border maintained for decades.


Afterwards, Song government never had the chance to take back their lost lands, and regain their dignity.


Qin Hui also framed up many other decent officers in the rest of his life. 


Some decades later, many ancestral temples were built to memorize Yue Fei. In front of each temple, there were two statues, one was Qin Hui and the other was his evil wife, kneeling on the ground to receive spit and abuse from people.


This famous treacherous minister has long gone, but the hatred and contempt for him has never stopped in the history of China.