Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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Emperor Xian of Han -- A Puppet Monarch in the History of China and A Great Doctor 

A Toddler Emperor of A Falling Empire

Liu Xie (181 -- 234), also respected as Emperor Xian of Han, was the last emperor of the Han Dynasty in the history of China.


His father Liu Hong left to him an empire that was controlled by powerful eunuchs and full of uprising armies. His birth mother was poisoned to death by the current queen when he was little, so he was then raised up by the current empress dowager. 


After his father departed, the Han Empire encountered even worse situation.


Eunuchs and civil officials fought intensely, while more and more warlords started to obtain independent armed forces.


Soon, some eunuchs felt they were about to lose, so they kidnapped the 8-year-old Liu Xie and his older brother and fleed. 

Soon a very powerful lord named Dong Zhuo led his army killed those eunuchs and abolished Liu Xie’s older brother; Liu Xie was then supported as the Emperor Xian of Han, because of his talent and braveness.


Dong Zhuo and his soldiers were all cruel and greedy; they burnt down the prosperous capital city of the Han Empire and robbed large numbers of treasures and women, then forced Emperor Liu Xie and the entire royal family to move out of this city.


Soon, many other lords allied together, trying to perish this indecent Dong Zhuo, which cause lots of intense battles since after. 

A civil official, who was loyal to Emperor Liu Xie, trained a beautiful spy and then offered her to both Dong Zhuo and his strong adoptive son Lv Bu.


This gorgeous honey trap named Diao Chan, one of the Four Beauties in the history of China, successfully made those two powerful men desired her very much, but she in the end was occupied by Dong Zhuo. So, his adoptive son Lv Bu got quite furious and then assassinated him.


However, many other generals still kept fighting for more power; Emperor Liu Xie was then, protected by some loyal ministers, escaped.


At that time, the whole nation was already divided up and occupied by many other powerful warlords.


Emperor Xian of Han Being A Hostage & His Final Struggle

Soon, a strong warlord named Cao Cao encountered Emperor Liu Xie, and supported him to move back to the capital city of the Han Empire.


Now, the 15 years old Liu Xie was still a puppet emperor with no real power, though Cao Cao never tried to replace or assassinate him.


But warlord Cao Cao then forced Emperor Liu Xie to change his capital and command all the uprising armies to bend their knees.


Soon, Liu Xie’s loyal servants were all killed for different reasons, and replaced by Cao Cao’s followers.

When Liu Xie, the Emperor Xian of Han, was older, he tried to contact some loyal officers who might be willing to help him take power back, as his ancestors did before.


However, he got caught; his messengers, the beloved queen and an imperial concubine, as well as their entire clan, were all slaughtered by Cao Cao.


Then the Warlord Cao Cao asked his own daughter to married Liu Xie as the new queen. 


Though Cao Cao was powerful, he only wanted to be in charge of the real power, and never planned to take the throne from Emperor Liu Xie.


After Cao passed away, however, his son inherited his title and forced Liu Xie to abdicate the throne, and changed the empire's name to Wei. 


Ending of the Han Dynasty and Liu Xie's Life as A Great Doctor 

The 405-year long Han Dynasty (202 B. C. — 220) in the history of China was officially ended; soon the empire was divided into three kingdoms, and the Kingdom Wei was the biggest one located in the northern China. This was the era of the Three Kingdoms.


After Liu Xie, the Emperor Xian of Han, having forced to give up the great empire that his brilliant ancestors built and flourished, he was banished to a small town and lived as a doctor. 


He had cured many people with free inquiry and treatment fee.


He and his wife, the daughter of the Lord Cao Cao, lived a peaceful live for another 14 years; they were very generous and helpful, and had managed this town well.


So, local people respected and loved them a lot because of their excellent medical skills and kind hearts.


Liu Xie had some descendants, some of them inherited his lord’s title, while most of them had disappeared in historical records.  

The first half of Liu Xie's life, as the Emperor Xian of Han, was unstable and full of horror, sadness and conspiracy.


Born into a royal family as the heir of a big empire, though he was quite a smart person, he had never tasted the real power, and was always stuck in helpless situations.


He didn’t do anything wrong, but still had to hand over his big empire himself, helplessly.


The latter half of his life was at peace and calm; maybe after seeing so many conspiracies and fights, being a helpful and skillful doctor in the countryside was a good choice.


Liu Xie passed away peacefully when he was old, and was buried using an emperor’s ceremony.