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Welcome to our services page, where we combine passion for Chinese culture with professional expertise to offer you unique, culturally rich services. Explore our offerings below and discover how we can bring the essence of China into your projects and experiences.

Customized Art Services

Explore the beauty of traditional Chinese art tailored to your preferences, available in both digital and hand-drawn formats.

Cultural Consulting

Expert guidance on Chinese history, literature, folklore, mythology, language, tradition, and cultural practices.

Painting Reproduction

Bring the timeless beauty of Chinese art history into your home with masterful reproductions.

Research Assistance

Support for researchers and students in exploring Chinese culture, history, and society.

Translation & Localization

Accurate and culturally sensitive translation between Chinese and English, and expert localization to ensure your content resonates deeply with Chinese audiences.

Content Creation & Curation

Engaging and culturally rich content for various media platforms, educational institutions, or museums, in both Chinese and English.

Customized Calligraphy Art

We offer exquisite calligraphy on paper, silk, or fans, tailored to your specifications.


You can provide the content or choose from our curated collection of classic poems, idioms, and proverbs.


Each piece, meticulously crafted by skilled calligraphers, reflects the elegance and depth of Chinese Calligraphy, ensuring an artwork that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Customized Painting

Commission personalized paintings on paper, silk, or fans.


Select the subject, style, size, and inscriptions for a unique artwork that reflects your vision and the rich tradition of Chinese Paintings.


We offer both hand-drawn masterpieces and high-quality digital versions suitable for self-printing.


Certain content may have limitations based on the chosen medium and size; please contact us for detailed consultations to ensure your artwork meets all your expectations.

Reproduction of Classic Paintings

We provide hand-painted reproductions of iconic Chinese Paintings, allowing you to enjoy these cultural treasures in your personal space.


Each reproduction is meticulously crafted by experienced artists to capture the essence and intricate details of the original work, ensuring a deep connection to China’s rich artistic heritage.

Translation and Localization


We offer professional translation services for documents, books, and multimedia content, ensuring clarity and cultural relevance.


Our localization services adapt your content to the Chinese cultural context, addressing language nuances, historical accuracy, cultural references, and visual symbolism, all while adhering to local norms and regulations.


This comprehensive approach ensures your message is effectively communicated and culturally appropriate, making a significant impact in engaging with Chinese audiences.