Mount Lu — Multi-Religious Sites and Beautiful Scenery

Mount Lu was believed as the place where Lao Zi of Taoism used to do alchemy in thousands of years ago. 


Besides its extraordinarily beautiful natural sceneries, the great philosopher and educationist Zhu Xi built some famous colleges here. 


Mount Lu has 171 named peaks and is located next to a famous lake, with many beautiful waterfalls, lakes, rivers, the sea of clouds, and various plants. 


Many celebrities in the history of China had visited there and left many works, like poetry, painting, calligraphy, articles, etc.


There are many religious buildings throughout history, include Taoism religion, Buddhism, Christian, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, and Islam.


There are also a number of temples and churches scattered on Mount Lu, harmoniously and peacefully. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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