Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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Mount Hua -- Precipitous Root of Chinese Culture

Mount Hua is considered as the most precipitous mountain in China, and the root (originate area) of Chinese culture.


It was firstly documented in the mysterious book the Classic of Mountains and Seas, as a steepness and magnificent mountain. 


The whole shape of the Mount Hua looks like a lotus, and the name was given based on its shape.


Since it was too dangerous and precipitous to climb this mountain, in the ancient history of China, many sacrifice ceremonies were held at the foot of Mount Hua. 


However, a magnificent mountain that very few people could climb to the top was believed as a wonder place for many celestial beings to visit or live.


Therefore, in the history of China, many Taoists came and practiced Taoism Religion here. Many Taoism temples are scattered on the Mount Hua, of which the earliest one was built in the year 134 B.C..


Many of those roadways that are still in use today were built by those Taoists throughout history. Some of the roadways had been fastened or modified recently, however, people always need to be very careful when climbing on the Mount Hua. 


If lucky enough, people can see mysterious and colorful lights or shadows on the mountains as well.