Mount Heng South — Representative of Longevity in Chinese Culture

In myth and legend in Chinese culture, Mount Heng is the place where the God of Fire lives. 


Once upon a time, this area was suffering from severe drought. Soon, hundreds of powerful dragons came and brought rainfalls, which saved countless people.


Afterward, eight hundreds of Dragon Jiao Long were carved on the palace of the God of Fire, to memorize their great contributions. 


Temples on this mountain are a combination of the Taoism Religion and Buddhism, where Taoists and monks are living and practicing in the same temples harmoniously. 


In Chinese astrology, Mount Heng corresponds to the star of longevity. In addition, the main deity of this mountain was in charge of humans' life and wellbeing. 


Therefore, Mount Heng is representative of the long and happy life in Chinese culture.


Today, wishing a person to live as long as the Mount Heng, is still a popular benediction on someone’s birthday, especially for aged people.  


School Culture is another important specialty of Mount Heng, where has the earliest (about 1100 years old) and most ancient private colleges in the history of China. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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