Mount Wutai — Buddhism Holy Land in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, Mount Wutai has always been considered one of the sacred places that many celestial beings lived in, or say as the capital of immortals, probably because of its high altitude and beautiful natural sceneries. 


It used to be a Taoism Religion's place in the history of China that left many related myths and legends; but gradually, more and more Buddhism buildings were built here.


Now, Mount Wutai is one of the five Buddhism holy lands in the world. 


Mount Wutai has five main peaks, each having different sceneries.


 Many historical and valuable temples scattered on the mountain, of which the most historical one was rebuilt in the year 782. 


There is also a famous building made of copper (about 500,000kg), which was built in 1606 and with many Buddhas inside. 

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