The Summer Palace — Summer House of Royals

The Summer Palace was built in 1750 in the history of China, as a gift from Emperor Hong Li to his mother’s 60-year-old birthday.


This royal garden is about 2,900,000 square meters big, which includes a big lake, a mountain, three islands (imitated from ancient Chinese myth and legend), and various buildings and plants. 


The Summer Palace was originally for royal families to enjoy nature and have fun, or spend the hot summer; later, some royals also worked and lived there for long terms.


In the year 1860, some places were destroyed by the English-French Allied Army, and many valuable treasures were lost too. Later the place was rebuilt and refilled with other treasures. 


Now it is a place in China with beautiful scenery, extraordinary architectural, and cultural values, as well as precious relics for everyone to appreciate. 

Fun Facts about Chinese Culture and History

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