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Ci 望海潮·东南形胜 | Watching for the Sea’s Tide: The Southeast Lands Lie Favorably

Part of "Along the River During the Qingming Festival", by Qing Court artists.


柳永 (984 — 1053)









Part of "Qingming Shanghe Tu", by Qing Court artists.

Watching for the Sea’s Tide: The Southeast Lands Lie Favorably

Liu Yong (984 – 762)

The southeast lands lie favorably | their three Wu prefectures form a metropolis | Qiantang (the capital) has been flourishing since ancient times.

Misty willows, ornate bridges | windbreaking curtains, turquoise draperies | a sprawl of a seeming hundred thousand households.

Great trees line earthen dyke | raging waves gather frostlike foam | the deep Qiantang River runs on forever.

Markets show pearls and gemstones | homes pile silks and fineries | they vie for extravagance.

The divided lake and rolling peaks are striking, beautiful | they boast osmanthus flowers in autumn and lotus blooms for acres.

Sound of reed pipes pierces clear day | song of water chestnut harvesters envelops night | merrily, merrily old men catch fish and young women harvest lotus!

High official’s entourage throngs ivory banner-pole | tipsy drinkers listen to flute and drum | sing verse and admire the picturesque scenery!

One day be these lovely sights depicted | on return to Imperial court they shall be flaunted.


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